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Groundbreaking technologies
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Groundbreaking technologies

Keeping up with the trends and practices is our way of life. We focus on learning new things and improving ourselves using the most modern stacks.

This website for instance is totally serverless and SEO friendly. It uses React components on a Next.js frontend. Data is stored using Sanity. Source code is on GitHub and automatically deployed on Netlify. Of course it's a PWA too !

Knowledge that adds up
Keeping an open mind and a precise eye

Knowledge that adds up

As engineers, we are driven by the impact of our work and results. We maintain a high level knowledge and regular performances by getting technical and organizational certifications from NASBA, PMI and CompTIA approved institutes.

What we learn becomes the foundation of higher and stronger structures. Helping our customers, and developping ourselves too.

We rearrange and compose with frameworks and methodologies, like we used to do with building blocks!

Certificates repository
United together
Giving back for the greater good

United together

Data Cloud Consulting was founded in 2018 by French IT professionals. Since then we are dedicated to use our experience and expertise for the common good of the local community.

Because we wouldn't be here without our customers, our families, and our friends. We are all part of the same team.

Proudly made in Singapore.

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